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Snow White's Cottage

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This beautiful little cottage was hand built in the 1930s by an engineer who owned the property. On one of his travels around the world he married a Japanese girl. When they arrived home he designed and built the beautiful koi ponds, gardens, and cottage. During the 1950s the cottage was boarded up and left untouched, and the ponds filled and used as garden planting areas. In 1994 the Clarks purchased the property and with the help of Chuck Gittner, the ponds and streams were reconstructed and the Pump House and water wheel were built.

Cottage & Gardens

Set amidst the main garden area of giant koi ponds and the water wheel is Snow White’s Cottage, a fantastic setting for Cocktail Hour between ceremony and reception.


Historical Relic

This beautiful little cottage and the koi ponds were hand built in the 1930’s by an engineer who owned the property. The cottage was boarded up in the 1950’s and the ponds were filled in as garden planters. When they were uncovered in the 1990’s the cottage reminded everyone of the classic Snow White tale.


Gardens & Water Wheel

The four giant Koi ponds were reconstructed in the mid 1990’s and are now linked by a stream and water wheel. Lush green foliage surrounds the ponds, creating an incredible setting for photography and for guest enjoyment.


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