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The Tavern-Lounge Car (serial number 3002) was built by the ACF Company in 1946 for the Louisville &Nashville (L&N) Railroad. It is one of the four Tavern-Lounge cars built for the Hummingbird and the Georgian train lines. These lightweight coaches trimmed weight by at least one-third from their heavyweight predecessors by using stainless steel and aluminum construction. The new streamlined aluminum cars had bright silver corrugations on the bottom with a blue window band and grey roof. They were a picture of post war inventions with electric heat and central air conditioning.

Originally named Belle Meade, this car’s interior was updated and it was renamed University Club in 1952. At 85 feet long and an empty weight of 115,400 pounds, it featured a tavern section with booths and tables and a lounge section with informal armchair seating. It had a capacity of 51 people. It ended its service in 1971 and was on display near Des Moines, Iowa until it was purchased by Douglas J. Clark in 2001. It was trucked to its current location by Venezia Enterprises, Inc.of New Jersey and was restored by Douglas J. Clark from 2001-2004.

Train Car Lounge

What better place to keep the gentlemen entertained on wedding day, than in the fully restored 1946 Tavern Lounge Car complete with wet bar, leather recliners, a jukebox and piano.


Belle Meade

Originally named Belle Meade when it was built by the ACF Company in 1946, this car’s interior was updated and it was renamed University Club in 1952, it continued service as such until 1971. At 85 feet long, it makes quite the statement.



While the train car is most commonly used for our gentlemen’s hangout on wedding day, where they can relax and get ready. The train car can also be rented for cocktail parties or corporate functions for up to 30 people.


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